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Managing Roles in a Project

Developers can give access to various project tasks to any number of coworkers.

To add an employee, enter their e-mail address on Mail.ru Мail in the Accounts menu in the developer area. Unpublished games start being displayed in the Mail.Ru Game Center's and games.mail.ru's catalogs for all accounts shown in the developer area. In addition, each account can be given the following roles:

1) Owner

Allowed to create projects, add users, delete users, set user roles. View and edit the company profile. The owner automatically receives all possible project roles.

2) Developer

Allows access to the display settings for the project’s Mail.ru Game Center and games.mail.ru promo pages, access to viewing the ID and keys (system properties) required to connect an API. The developer also has access to the project publication interface.

3) Analyst

Allows access to statistics. No division is made between financial information and visitor statistics.

4) Build Manager

Allows the user to prepare patches, upload game distribution packages and game patches through special utility software. Change the status of uploaded content from "only display to testers" to "available to all users".

5) Tester

Allows the user to view the project's visual design properties in the developer area. Testers can see the game on the games.mail.ru main store page and the Mail.ru Game Center main menu.