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Controlling Login from the Project Side

It is possible to let the GC user choose a server before logging into the game itself.

In order to add this function to a game project, generate a static file with the following contents:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  <shard id="0" name="Shard name" nameRU="Имя шарда" nameDE="nennen Hemisphäre"> <!-- ID: shard number, usually 0 -->
    <default>0</default> <!-- 1: show as a shard by default for new users, 0: no -->
    <allow>1</allow> <!-- 0: cannot log in, 1: can log in -->
    <msg>Maintenance</msg> <!-- why login is unavailable -->
    <msgRU>Scheduled Maintenance</msgRU>
    <beta_msg>You need a closed beta invite to access Cloud Pirates closed beta.</beta_msg> <!-- If the project is in the beta stage and a user without the flag “beta_ok” tries to log in, send the message. My.com only feature -->
    <beta_msgEN>You need a closed beta invite to access Cloud Pirates closed beta.</beta_msgEN>
    <beta_cap>You do not have access to this game</beta_cap> <!-- window header for “beta_msg” -->
    <beta_capEN>You do not have access to this game</beta_capEN>  
    <limit>-1</limit> <!--  queue login limit, permitted number of logins per minute. Not for regular games -->
    <hidden>0</hidden> <!-- 0: show to all, 1: only show in debug GC -->
    <cli>client application parameters</cli> <!-- transmitted in game client command line -->
    <load>50</load> <!-- 0: shard load = 0%, 100: shard load = 100% -->
    <territory></territory> <!-- region codes (e.g. NA, EU)-->

Please note that id and name* of shard are node attributes, and all the rest are nested nodes. Example of a correctly constructed xml file http://static.operator.mail.ru/epoch/wf/online/login2.xml

If you need to display the shard selection as a pop-up list in the GC interface, enter the key “GamePageShardSwitch=1” in the build configuration file (“Misc.” section). If you also need to warn the user that characters and achievements will remain on the old server, enter the key “SwitchShardWarning=1” in the build configuration file (“Misc.” section).

This file will be taken by the GC server once per minute and a login will be performed based on it.
If the number of shards visible to the user is equal to one, the shard-selection window will not be shown.
Including queues in projects is optional. 

The tags “msg” and “name” can be localized. Tags for localized variants must have a postfix from this set: “RU”, “EN”, “DE”, “ES”, “FR”, “IT”, “PL”, “TR”, “US” (e.g. nameEN=”Shard name"). If GC doesn’t find a tag value with the postfix of the current locale, a tag value with no postfix will be selected.