Если вы хотите разместить свою игру на платформах MY.GAMES Store / Games.Mail.ru
подайте заявку через кабинет разработчика.

Workflow for connecting a free-to-play game

Connecting a project to the games.mail.ru platform consists of several stages.

If you are a new developer, you must complete an account registration procedure. More info about registration.

After undergoing moderation of your developer account, you can create games and apps on the Mail.Ru Game Platform. More info about creating and editing a project. Important: when creating a game, you must set the type to "Partner".

Browser games can be placed on games.mail.ru and the Game Center via an iFrame. To do this, you must integrate the JS API and connect billing. For client games it is possible to use the same function to create a page on games.mail.ru, where users can see marketing materials, download the client, register, and process payment for the project. 

You can see an example of the iFrame implementation required for placing a game on the games.mail.ru platform in the repository.

A package must also be uploaded for client games to deliver them to users via the Game Center’s distribution technology. More info about uploading packages can be read here.

Once the developer has fully configured the game, they must send it for moderation (use the "Publication" tab on the project’s settings page). Once the game has been checked by the Platform’s administration, the game becomes visible on the store page. Further editing of project settings is not subject to moderation, but the platform reserves the right to remove the project from publication at any time. The placement of the project on the store page is determined by the project’s characteristics.