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Mail.Ru Game Bonus Program rules

Mail.Ru Game Bonus Program RULES


    1. Nomenclature and general description of the Bonus Program


The "Mail.Ru Game Bonus" (hereafter "Bonus Program") represents a set of events held at the following Internet address: https://bonus.games.mail.ru (hereafter "Site"). A participant in the Bonus Program has the right to perform certain actions indicated in p. 5.2 of this Rules text (hereafter "Bonus Actions"), including, but not limited to, actions in the computer and mobile games indicated in p. 5.1. of this Rules text (hereafter "Games") and receive virtual points (hereafter "Points") for completing Bonus Actions. These Points can then be exchanged for prizes indicated in these Rules (hereafter "Prizes").


2. Bonus Program organizer (hereafter "Organizer")


Mail.Ru LLC

Location: 125167, Russia, Moscow, Leningradskiy prospekt, d.39, bld.79

PSRN 1027739850962

Bank details:

Tax number 7743001840 / VAT 997750001



          3. Bonus Program participants (hereafter "Participants")


3.1. Any individual can participate in the Bonus Program on the condition that the individual is:


  • a private individual residing in one of the states indicated in p. 4.2 of these Rules, with an age of either at least 12 years or another age set by applicable legislation
  • has visited the Site and clicked the "Participate" button
  • is registered in one of the Games and/or has an email address on the mail.ru resource


3.2. Every participant confirms that they are familiar with these Rules, unconditionally and unreservedly accepts their conditions, and guarantees that they will comply with them for the duration of the Bonus Program.



4. Overall timeframe and geography of the Bonus Program.


4.1. The overall timeframe of the Bonus Program, including bonus awarding from the Event Organizer, is from February 21, 2017 to December 31, 2017. At the end of the indicated time, the Bonus Program will extend automatically for one calendar year. There is no limit on the number of extensions.


4.2. The Bonus Program takes place on the Internet, on the Site, within the countries in which the Site and Games are accessible.


5. Procedure for obtaining Points


5.1. The Games included in this Bonus Program are:


5.2. This Bonus Program’s bonus actions including the following, and for completing these Bonus Actions, you can get the following number of Points:


One-Time Bonus Actions (these Bonus Actions can be completed only once)


Bonus Action

Number of Points

Link your mobile phone number with your Mail.Ru email account

20 (twenty) Points

Earn 1000 progress points on any of three leaderboards on the games.mail.ru site: game leaderboard, reading leaderboard, writing leaderboard

20 (twenty) Points


Periodic Bonus Actions (these Bonus Actions can be completed at regular intervals)


Bonus Action

Number of Points

Enter any Game (once per calendar day)

3 (three) Points

Transfer funds to a Game

45 (forty five) Points for transferring 100 (one hundred) rubles

Win a PvP (player versus player) or a PvE (player vs environment) match (once per calendar day)

3 (three) Points. Points will be credited on the next calendar day after completing the indicated Bonus Action

Win a PvP (player vs player) or PvE (player vs environment) match every day for seven calendar days

30 (thirty) Points. Points will be credited on the next calendar day after completing the indicated Bonus Action


5.3. Points are awarded or deducted within 3 calendar days from the time the corresponding Bonus Actions are completed or a deadline elapses, as indicated in points 5.6 and 5.7 of these Rules.


5.4. Also, based on their overall sum of accrued Points, the Participant will gain a corresponding participation rating in the Bonus Program. The rating scale is currently as follows:



Number of Points earned

Bronze I


Bronze II


Bronze III


Silver I


Silver II


Silver III


Gold I


Gold II


Gold III


Platinum I


Platinum II


Platinum III


Diamond I


Diamond II


Diamond III



5.5. Based on the rating of the Participant as indicated in p. 5.4 of these Rules, the Participant will be provided with certain privileges and bonuses to be determined at a later date by the Organizer in these Rules or on the Site.


5.6. If the Participant has not visited the Site in over 30 (thirty) calendar days or has not visited any of the Mail.Ru Game Center pages of the Games listed in p. 5.1 of these Rules, then the Participant’s Points earned before the expiry of the period indicated in this paragraph shall be reduced by 15% (fifteen percent).


5.7. If the Participant does not visit the Site or any of the Game pages on the Mail.Ru Game Center as listed in p. 5.1 of these Rules for over 365 days, then all the Participant’s Points earned before the expiry of the period indicated in this paragraph shall be deleted.

 5.8. Participants in the Bonus Program are forbidden from using special third-party programs developed to complete actions formally determined as Bonus Actions automatically to gain bonuses, these actions not being performed independently by the Participant. Participants are also forbidden from using other dishonest methods to obtain Points in circumvention of the procedure set in place by the Organizer. The Organizer reserves the right to annul all the Points of a Participant earned in the aforementioned manner.




    6. Prize fund and prize awarding procedure


6.1. The Organizer is responsible for creating and awarding Prizes. The Prize Fund is used exclusively to provide Prizes to participants in accordance with the Rules, and is not linked to payments made by Participants.


6.2. A Participant can choose from Prizes indicated on the Site and exchange them for Points earned. After selecting a suitable Prize, the Participant must press the "Buy" button, after which the Participant’s "My purchases" section will contain a special set of letters or numbers that allow them to obtain a Prize (hereafter "PIN Code"). The method by which users may obtain a Prize is indicated on the Site.


6.3. The Organizer reserves the right to change the list of Prizes and their number. The current list of Prizes is always indicated on the Site.


6.4. The procedure for awarding a Prize can take up to 7 (seven) calendar days from the moment the PIN Code is activated.


6.5. A Participant has no right to demand that the indicated Prizes be exchanged for a monetary equivalent.


6.6. If a Participant mistakenly purchases a PIN Code corresponding to a certain Prize in the games Armored Warfare, Warface, ArcheAge, or Cross Fire, and failed to activate it in time, they can cancel the indicated operation in their own (the Participant’s) profile page on the Site received a refund of the Points spent. If the Participant mistakenly purchases a PIN Code corresponding to a certain prize in other games, they must contact Support to determine the possibility of, and procedure for, receiving a refund of their Points, in accordance with p 7.1 of the Rules.


6.7. A Participant that obtains a PIN Code in accordance with these Rules has no right to transfer said PIN Code to third parties.


        7.   Organizer contact information


7.1. Participants can contact the Organizer at the contact centers indicated on the site at https://games.mail.ru/support/bonus#/.


7.2. The Organizer shall respond to Participant queries within 1 (one) twenty-four hour period from the time the query is received on business days (from Monday to Friday).



        8. Other conditions


8.1. The Organizer bears no responsibility for any direct or indirect losses of Participants linked to participation in the Bonus Program, including as a result of errors in telecommunications and electricity networks, the actions of damaging programs, the dishonest actions of third parties aimed at unsanctioned access and/or disabling the Organizer’s software and/or hardware, or any unforeseen circumstances of force majeure. The Organizer is not obliged to compensate Participants for losses in such cases. The Organizer does not cover any costs of Participants, including costs for paying for Internet, phone, transport or other services that may arise due to participating in the Bonus Program or receiving a Prize.


8.2. The results of the Bonus Program are final and are not subject to dispute, with the exception of cases directly described in these Rules. The Participant’s personal data will be used exclusively in connection with the current Bonus Program and will not be provided to any third parties for goals not connected to the Bonus Program, with the exception of cases directly stipulated by Russian Federation law.


8.3. By taking part in the Bonus Program, the Participant expresses their full and unconditional agreement for their personal data to be processed by the Organizer and authorized agents of the Organizer in the purposes of providing the Bonus Program in accordance with these Rules.


8.4. All debatable matters regarding this Bonus Program shall be determined by current Russian Federation law.


8.5. The Organizer has the right to make changes to these Rules by publishing the corresponding changes in the text of the Rules on the Site at any time and without prior notice to Participants. The updated edition of the Rules enters into force as soon as it is published on the Site. The current edition date is indicated at the end of these Rules.


8.6. The Organizer can cease, change, or temporarily halt the Bonus Program unilaterally and at their own discretion. In the case of a long-term cessation or halt to the Bonus Program, a message about this will be published by the Organizer on the Site. At the same time, the Organizer is obliged to provide a Prize to those Participants who were, before the date of publication of the message describing the cessation of the Bonus Program or other published notification about said cessation, due one in accordance with these Rules.




Edition date:

July 20, 2017